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Returns Policy

  1. The Goods delivered shall bear the self certified Manufacturer’s/ Seller’s Warranty/ Guarantee. Buyer / Consignee shall have the right to inspect the supplied Goods themselves and/or through their appointed agency at consignee’s own cost, at Consignee’s site(s). The Buyer/Consignee shall be able to reject the Goods/Services by giving proper justification of the Goods received within a period of 10 days of receipt of consignment of Goods (unless otherwise specified in STC or ATC, as referred in General Terms and Condition (“GTC”)). The date of receipt shall be reckoned from the date of receipt of the Goods as notified in the Provisional Receipt Certificate (PRC) which will be issued online by consignee immediately after receipt of Goods.
  2. In case of Service contract, the Buyer reserves the right to reject the same in conformance with the terms and conditions of the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA). However, such right to reject services offered by the Seller under the contract shall be exercised by the Buyer within 10 days (unless otherwise specified in STC or ATC) of the date of receipt of the Service. The date and time of start and completion of the Service, shall be indicated by the Seller while raising an on-line invoice for a specified period of Service as per Service Level Agreement (SLA). The date of such invoice or the date of completion of the Service, whichever is later shall be reckoned as date of receipt of the Service.
  3. On Acceptance / Part Acceptance or Rejection of Goods / Services, Consignee will issue an on line ‘Consignee’s Receipt cum Acceptance Certificate’ (CRAC), which will form the basis of Payments to the Seller.
  4. In case CRAC are not issued within 10 days of receipt as defined above, the concerned Goods/ Services will be considered as deemed accepted and the Consignee shall forfeit their right to reject the same.
  5. No payment shall be made for rejected Goods/ Services. After intimation of the rejection / part rejection by the Buyer/ Consignee, the Seller shall be liable to remove / lift back such rejected Goods within 10 days without any extra charge/cost to the Buyer / Consignee, failing which suitable ground rent / warehousing charges would be payable by the Seller to the Buyer /Consignee. If the Seller fails to remove / lift back such rejected Goods within reasonable time period, the Buyer / Consignee shall have the right to dispose of such rejected goods at the risk and cost of the Seller.