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To change the language of training modules, use the language selector on top left of the homepage.Video modules are updated on periodic basis, to check recent updates see Notifications section.To attend GeM Training session, send an email to "manager1[dash]training[at]gem[dot]gov[dot]in"

Central Training Team

State Name Designation Mobile Number Email
CENTRAL TEAM Akhil Jindal Training Head 9711636645 akhil[dot]jindal[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
Lalita Tomar Additional Facilitator 7011004618 lalita[dot]tomar[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
Dhiraj Rai Additional Facilitator 8744040619 dhiraj[dot]rai[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
Ashish Kumra Additional Facilitator 9818887682 ashish[dot]kumra[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
Niyati Gulati BD Manager - Central Ministry & CPSEs 8368333535 niyati[dot]gulati[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
Udai Pratap Singh BD Manager - Central Ministry & CPSEs 8750134797 udai[dot]singh[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
Manichandra Singh BD Manager - Central Ministry & CPSEs 9958799417 manichandra[dot]singh[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
Regional Business Facilitators
State Name Designation Mobile Number Email
UTTARAKHAND Jayavadivel Raja Business Facilitator 7823922517 jayavadivel[dot]raja[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
BIHAR Mohammad Imtiyaz Ansari Business Facilitator 7823922504 imtiyaz[dot]ansari[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
Vineet Jha Additional Facilitator 7305633384 vineet[dot]jha[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
KERALA / LAKSHADWEEP Manesh Mohan Business Facilitator 9645642210 manesh[dot]mohan[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
CHHATTISGARH Amit kumar Upadhyay Business Facilitator 7823922507 amit[dot]upadhyay[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
DAMAN & DIU / DADRA & NAGAR HAVELI / GUJARAT Sagar Soni Business Facilitator 9099988316 sagar[dot]soni[at]ia[dot]ooo
Nimesh Panchal Additional Facilitator 8153897831 nimesh[dot]panchal[at]ia[dot]ooo
CHANDIGARH / HARYANA Naveen Joshi Business Facilitator 7823922510 naveen[dot]joshi[at]ia[dot]ooo
UTTAR PRADESH Praveen Kumar Wadhwani Business Facilitator 7823922518 praveen[dot]wadhwani[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
Rahul Kumar Singh Additional Facilitator 9599852392 rahul6[dot]s[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
MADHYA PRADESH Sanjay Kumar Deharia Business Facilitator 7987704212 sanjay[dot]deharia[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
ODISHA Sudhansu Pradhan Business Facilitator 8093694688 Sudhansu[dot[Pradhan[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
ANDAMAN & NICOBAR / PUDUCHERRY / TAMIL NADU Ramesh Mahadevan Business Facilitator/Master Trainer 7823922516 ramesh[dot]mahadevan[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
SIKKIM / WEST BENGAL Biswajit Sarkar Business Facilitator 7278009733 biswajit[dot]sarkar[at]ia[dot]ooo
ANDHRA PRADESH / TELANGANA Ravi Varma Business Facilitator 9177111069 ravi[dot]varma[at]ia[dot]ooo
JHARKHAND Brajesh Kumar Business Facilitator 9835134455 brajesh[dot]kumar[at]ia[dot]ooo
HIMACHAL PRADESH / PUNJAB Punit Kumar Business Facilitator 7888492633 punit[dot]kumar[at]ia[dot]ooo
ARUNACHAL PRADESH / ASSAM / MEGHALAYA / MANIPUR / MIZORAM / NAGALAND / TRIPURA Sanjeev Adhikari Additional Facilitator 7305633385 sanjeev[dot]adhikari[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
JAMMU & KASHMIR / LADAKH Sarthak Khoda Additional Facilitator 9596835348 sarthak[dot]khoda[at]ia[dot]ooo
GOA / KARNATAKA H S Gowtama Business Facilitator 9379049700 Gowtama[dot]Shashimouly[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
Kenneth Alphonso Additional Facilitator 9923795412 kenneth[dot]alphonso[at]intellectdesign[dot]com
DELHI Geetu Bansal Business Facilitator 7823922511 geetu[dot]bansal[at]ia[dot]ooo
MAHARASHTRA Nikhil Patil Business Facilitator 7823922501 nikhil[dot]patil[at]ia[dot]ooo
Shailesh Jadhao Additional Facilitator 8097373234 shailesh[dot]jadhao[at]ia[dot]ooo
RAJASTHAN Manender Singh Additional Facilitator 9176333766 manender[dot]singh[at]intellectdesign[dot]com